Frequently Asked Questions


What Should I Wear to Sunday Worship

Dress in whatever is most comfortable to you. While some will be in coat-and-tie or dresses, others will be dressed in jeans or something more casual. It is what’s in the heart, not the outward appearance that matters most.

Kids in Worship

We believe the church is for all people, including children, and we want the Kirk to be a church where children are both seen and heard. Please don’t worry if your children wiggle in the chairs or make a little noise! We invite you to keep your children in our service and encourage you to help them understand what is going on, sing the songs with you, and participate in worship. We believe that children learn best how to love God and worship him by imitating you, and there may not be a more important time for you as a parent to disciple your children than during Sunday morning worship.

There are many parts of our service that remain the same every week, giving our non-reading children plenty of opportunities to fully participate. In addition, we include symbols in the worship bulletin for non-reading children so they can follow along.  Also we provide a sermon sheet and crayons at the welcome table for your use throughout the service. Also, we have a nursery program during our worship service that is set up to serve your children from birth to 2 years old.

Does Kirk of the Plains Celebrate The Lord's Supper?

Yes! At Kirk of the Plains we joyfully receive the Lord’s Supper currently once a quarter.  Since our church has a borrowed Session (leadership) from other PCA churches in the area, we are currently limited in the number of times a year we can celebrate The Lord’s Supper.  However, our hope in the future is to increase the frequency in which we can celebrate this Sacrament.  Also, when we do celebrate The Lord’s Supper we use gluten free bread and wine only.

Why Does The Pastor Wear A Robe?

Many of us in the congregation know by experience that to enter the service of a Reformed church from the plethora of non-denominational churches is a culture shock.  One of the things that often stands out is that the pastor does not wear a Hawaiian shirt or any other laid bck attire, but he wears a robe while he leads and preaches.  Again, to many this looks “Catholic”.  For others, this looks like the pastor in many liberal churches, which do not take the Bible seriously.  Because there is this perception we offer this brochure that you can download that gives a more thorough explanation of this practice.

Does Kirk of the Plains Offer Sunday School?

Yes! Each Sunday during most of the school year, September-May (please check church calendar for exact dates), we gather at 9:30am for Sunday School. We have children’s class and one for adults (including teens).  In addition, we offer an infant  nursery during the Sunday School hour. We believe that the Sunday School hour provides us with an important time of Christian education, discipleship and fellowship outside of our normal worship service.

What does the word "Kirk" mean?

Kirk is an old Scottish word meaning church and our desire has always been to plant a church here on the Great Plains of Kansas.  As our name suggests, we want to be a church for our day with roots in the past. 

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