Heartland Presbytery

As a Presbyterian church,  our local church is governed by a body of elders called the Session.  Groups of local Presbyterian churches are governed by a higher assembly of elders known as the presbytery.  Kirk of the Plains is part of Heartland presbytery of the Presbyterian church of America (PCA); which consist of all the PCA churches in the state of Kansas and the Missouri side of Kansas City. Below is a listing of the churches in the Heartland Presbytery. 

Websites to the PCA churches in the Heartland Presbytery

PCA Churches (Online Map Directory)

If you are looking for a PCA Church some where else in Kansas or in the world for that matter, search the PCA Church directory 0r you can use the map below:

Reformed Churches (Online Map Directory)

Also, there is an ongoing project to plot all  Reformed Churches (including PCA Churches) in the world in a convenient format.  To view these churches, simply zoom in on the map below:

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