Table Talk Discussions

In the early days of the Reformation people across Europe found their hearts and minds stirred by the truths of Scripture which were being preached and proclaimed with renewed clarity and vigor during their day. From the White Horse Inn in Cambridge to Martin Luther’s family table in Germany people gathered to debate, discuss, and discover the wonders of God’s Word.

Following in this grand tradition, Kirk of the Plains is hosting a monthly discussion group called “Table Talk”. We will meet on the third Friday night of each month (during the school year) to enjoy a meal together while we discuss a different theological topic or question as we seek to grow in grace and godliness together.  These Friday evening gatherings are a great time for informal discussion and fellowship and all, ages 12 and up are welcome to attend!  We meet in the private dining room of the Pizza Hut on Andover Road from 6:30-8:30 pm.  (Individuals are responsible for their own food, however no purchase is required to participate.)

Fall 2018 Topics

All topics are taken from the Westminster Confession of Faith (WCF) which can be downloaded free here.

  • September - The Law of God (WCF Chapter 19)
  • October - Christian Liberty and Conscience (WCF Chapter 20)
  • December - Oaths and Vows (WCF Chapter 22)
  • November - Worship & the Sabbath (WCF Chapter 21)

(see church calendar for specific dates of Table Talk discussions)

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