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Opportunities to Serve Christ by Serving Others

Serve in a ministry

As part of our salvation, God gives each Christian spiritual gifts and abilities to use in the church to serve a particular function in their local church body. To help people in our church use their gifts at Kirk of the Plains, we have included below the various areas of ministry in our church. If you would like to know more about a particular area of ministry or talk to the team leader for that ministry, simply check the box(es) beside the area(s) in which you are interested in and click the blue "Send Request" button below. An e-mail will be sent to that team leader expressing your interest. [PLEASE NOTE: that while you may receive a message thanking you for volunteering, you are not committing to serve by selecting the opportunities below, but simply communicating that you would like more information about particular areas of ministry]. The team leader for that ministry will get in touch with you to answer your questions and discuss how you may possibly be involved in their area of ministry. If for some reason you do not receive a reply by the ministry leader, please contact the church office at or (316) 854-5200.

Thank you!

Pastor Rick

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